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Student Data Privacy

Understanding Student Data Privacy 

Canton Public Schools is committed to ensuring  data privacy while leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning.  We work to implement meaningful educational and technological experiences for our students, in compliance with both Federal and State legislation. We abide by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal legislation designed to protect the privacy of student educational records. Although FERPA regulations only apply to student data, Canton Public Schools is committed to protecting the data of all of our constituents. All new pertinent contracts will also be in compliance with Connecticut State Law, Public Act 16-189.

It is the goal of the Canton Information Technology Department to facilitate the use of these applications effectively and safely. Canton Public Schools must ensure that our students’ educational experience is appropriate and relevant to the growing technical skills needed for future success needed for future success. To this end, we will do our best to implement only software and solutions with high ethical standards.



Approved Applications and Software

Canton has gone to extensive lengths to document all services and software applications used, what data is collected  by each service, and get a written agreement with each company to ensure  data privacy for students. The  "Approved for Use" list can be found here. We continue to vet applications, and expect to add additional services and applications to this list.

Applications and services that have signed a “Data Privacy Pledge” with the CT LearnPlatform are pre-approved for use in Canton Schools by the Superintendent. Each application or service used in our district that has been approved by the CT LearnPlatform is listed on the “Approved for Use” page as a Compliance Pledged service. 

Rejected Applications and Software

Unfortunately, not all services and applications that were previously used in Canton Schools  will sign a Student Data Privacy contract.. For this reason, these applications can no longer be used. Please click here to see the applications who have refused to sign a Student Data Privacy  agreement with Canton.

Teachers, if  the application is not on the above lists, please refer to the Teacher Resources page which outlines how to submit an application, software, or service for review and approval.

Student Data Privacy Quick Links