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Athletics Announcements

To complete the IMPACT test for athletics, please follow the instructions below. Every student-athlete must have a completed baseline impact test on file before participation in athletics. If you want to check to see if you already have one on file, you can contact the nurse or the athletic trainer.

Please use the following instructions in order to complete your Impact Test:

1. Log on to; next

2. Enter the code 70bf948d00 into the box and click 'Launch Baseline Test'; next

3. Choose your language; next

4. Enter your name, DOB, etc (make sure you correctly choose if you are using a mouse or trackpad, as this will help calibrate your test); next

5. Answer questions; next 

6. Click 'skip additional questions'; next

7. Next 3 screens are your current symptoms, enter for how you are currently feeling; next

8. Answer the practice question; next

9. Click 'START TEST'

10. Once you have finished you can close out your screen. If you would like to send the results to your school email, that is fine but it is not required.

*Make sure you are in a quiet room, with no music, television or phone distractions. (Turn your phone off or on silent until the test is complete to ensure you get an accurate reading for the test.) There is no 'right or wrong' for the Impact Test, everything is compared to yourself- so no need to stress! 

If you have any questions about the impact test, please contact the nurse or athletic trainer.

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