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Welcome to the Canton Public Schools’ website. The Canton Public Schools continue to be a Lighthouse District, where our students and staff shine brightly and a district to which other school systems throughout Connecticut look to replicate our success. Our District continues to be recognized for outstanding achievements in all areas of our academic, athletic, and arts programs. The Canton Public Schools are comprised of four schools totaling approximately 1,500 students.   Our outstanding staff works to create a learning environment where each of our students is engaged and challenged in various educational experiences that, in alignment with our mission, promote each student’s intellectual, physical, social, and emotional potential.  We celebrate and value the partnerships that have been established among and between the Canton Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff, parents, and community. We hope this website will keep you informed of the outstanding services, resources, and programs that are offered through the Canton Public Schools.

Kevin D. Case
Superintendent of Schools

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AP Scores 2019

The College Board's Advanced Placement Program (AP) is an extensive program that offers high school students the chance to participate in college level classes, thereby broadening their intellectual horizons and preparing them for college work. It also plays a large part in the college admissions process, showing both student's.

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Smarter Balanced Test Results 2018

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Science Strategic Areas of Growth 2014-2015

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