Senior Study Skills
Canton Academy
Virtual High School
Class of 2010


My Personal Philosophy

I believe that all children can learn. It is my responsibility as a special educator to understand the processes by which learning occurs. This is accomplished by providing an active learning environment and possessing an awareness of the unique educational needs of each of my students in order to facilitate their individual growth and development. Solid classrooms are built around developmentally appropriate student centered activities, parental involvement, and differentiated instruction. These essential elements foster the development of a safe and nurturing classroom community where students learn and succeed. It is my goal, as an educator, to create a classroom environment worthy of my students. In keeping with this philosophy, it remains essential to adhere to the words of Pablo Casals, "...we all must work to make the world worthy of its children"


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Helpful Web Sites Available for Parents of Children with Disabillities

Parent Pals


Connecticut State Department of Education

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center Connecticut Education

Resource Center National Organization on Dissability

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