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Assignments for May 5-9

Monday- p.222(1-11)
Tuesday- 5.1-5.2 review sheet (1-4) Quiz on Thursday
Wednesday-  Finish 5.1-5.2 Review Sheet (Do not do #7) and 5-1 Practice Example Excerise Worksheet #1-3,4-6, 17,18, 20,21 QUIZ THURSDAY!

Assignments for April 28 - May 2

Monday- finish Chapter 2 review sheet 1
Tuesday- Do Chapter 2 review sheet 2 - TEST tomorrow
Wednesday- none
Thursday- 5-1 slope worksheet
Friday- "What do you call a duck..." worksheet

Assignments for April 21-25

Monday- no class
Tuesday- 2-7 worksheet #2
Wednesday- 2-7 "mixed" worksheet (all)
Thursday- 2.7 Review sheet
Friday- Ch.7 Notebook assessment
Assignments for April 7-11

Monday- 2-6 "example" worksheet(1,3,5,7,9,10,11)
Tuesday- 2-6 "example" worksheet(evens, not 10)
Thursday- STUDY FOR QUIIZ 2-4 to 2-6
Friday- QUIZ 2-4 to 2-6

Assignments for March 31-April 4

Monday- p.81(1-8,18-20)
Tuesday- 2-5 worksheets #1 & 2
Wednesday- 2-5 "example" worksheet
Thursday- 2-5 worksheet #3
Friday- 2-5 "mixed" worksheet (6-19)

Assignments for March 24-28

Monday- 2-4 worksheet#3
Tuesday- none
Wednesday- 2.1-2.4 review sheet
Thursday- study for 2.1 -2.4 Quiz
Friday- "Vending Machine" worksheet

Assignments for March 10-14

Monday- 2-3 worksheet (8-12)
Tuesday- p.71(1-9,11)
Wednesday-  2-3#2 worksheet
Thursday-  2.1-2.3 Revievw *** Study for Quiz***

Assignments for March 3-7

Monday- 2-1 worksheet (positive/negative correlation)
Tuesday- p.61(1-8,12-15)
Wednesday- 2 whiteboard graphs relating events
Thursday- Practice 2-2 worksheet(1-6)
Friday- One event graph from the board along with questions

Assignments for February 25th to 28th
Monday: Review packet #2 (Test Tuesday)
   Reminder Get new Math Binder or Notebook/Folder for WED.
Tuesday: None Test
Wednesday: Ploting Points Practice
Thursday: Arm Span and Age Worksheet
Friday: Temperature Vs. Heating Bill Graph and trend line question

Assignments for February 19th-21st
Monday: No school
Tuesday: No School
Wednesday: Example problem #2 in your notes
Thursday: First page of review packet
Friday: Finish review packet (TEST TUESDAY)

Assignments for February 10th-14th
Monday: Finish classwork 4-8 #4,5,10,12,14,27,28 and HW: Checkpoint 2 #1-12 ***QUIZ WED.****
Tuesday: Review for quiz
Wednesday: QUIZ
Thursday:Snow Day
Friday: Snow Day

Assignments for February 3rd-7th
Monday: Snow Day
Tuesday: Mixed Examples 4-7 #24-2830,31,37-40
Wednesday: Snow Day
Thursday: Graph two examples from your notes

Assignments for January 27-30th
Monday:Review 4.4-4.6
Tuesday: Review solve for the variable make note card for quiz
Wed.: no homework
Thursday: 4-7 multi step inequality worksheet
Friday: Practice 4-7 #1-8, 24-27,29,32,33

Assignments for January 20-24

Monday- MLK Day
Tuesday- 4-6 "practice" wksht(1-8,25,26,28-30)
Wednesday- 4 self-written inequality situations
Thursday- 4-6 "mixed" worksheet(2,5-19odd)
Friday- 4-6 "mixed" worksheet(6-18even,31,33,35,39,41-45)
Assignments for January 13-17

Monday- 4-4 example wksht(
Tuesday- 4-4 example wksht(
Wednesday- pg. 182 #1-6 and #8-12
Thursday- 4-5 "mixed" wksht(1,2,4,7,8,9,10)
Friday- 4-5 "mixed" wksht(28,30,35,37-41)

Assignments for January 6-10

Monday- 4-3 "example" worksheet (22,24,26,28)
Tuesday- 4-3 "example" worksheet(1-19odd,23,25)
Wednesday- 4-3 "mixed" worksheet(1-9, 42-45)
Thursday- none
Friday- none

Assignments for December 16-20

Monday- 4-2 mixed(22,23,24,29,32,33,34,35,36,37,40,42,45)
Tuesday- Snow Day
Wednesday- Review for Quiz tomorrow p.161 (1,3,24-30) & p.167(23-30)
Thursday- none
Friday- none

Assignments for December 9-13

Monday- none
Tuesday- Snow Day
Wednesday- one self-written equation
Thursday- none
Friday- 4-2 mixed (1-21 odd)

Week of December 2nd

Monday: Chapter 3 review
Matt and Elora:   class code/room number: 555037
Tuesday- Chapter 3 Review continued Test tomorrow
Wednesday- none
Thursday- 2 proportion problems from the board
Friday- none

Week of November 25th
Monday- Finish Claswork(review worksheet) and Create 4 word problems (finding: part, whole, percent and percent change) with answers
Wednesday- none
Thursday- Thanksgiving
Friday- No School

Week of November 18th
Monday: PG. 142 # 10,27,28,30
Tuesday: Fix Entrance quiz problems. Study three methods for finding percent, part or whole.
Wednesday:3-8 worksheet(1-11,18-27)
Thursday- 3-8 worksheet(16,17,30-32)
Friday- 3-8 "mixed" worksheet (1-7, & word problems)

Week of November 11th:
Monday- 3-7 "mixed" (13-18) & write equations for 4 percent scenarios
Tuesday- 3-7 "mixed" (19-23)
Wednesday- 3-7 "mixed" (20,22,23 redone,27-32)
Thursday- no class
Friday- board problem with "Kamala"

Week of November 4th
Monday: Pracitce 3-5 Mixed Exercises # 12,14,19,26,27,30,31,33,34,36,40 and STUDY FOR QUIZ
Tuesday- Try the 8 board problems regarding percents
Wednesday- 3-7 example worksheet(1-6,9-11)
Thursday- 3-7 example worksheet(12-14,17-22)
Friday- finish "Chow time" wksht & 3-7 "mixed" (1-7)

Week of October 28th
Monday: Practice 3-4 Example Exercises #19-21, 25-30-,32   ***Potential
Warm-up quiz&***
Tuesday: Finish classwork Practice 3-4 #1-2
Wednesday: Worksheet 3-4 Mixed #14,15,16,18,20,21
Thursday: 4 Board Problems
Friday: Finish classwork and Complete review worksheet. Remember quiz on Tuesday!

Week of October 21st:
Monday: Practice 3-3 Example Exercises #10-15
Tuesday: Practice 3-3 Example Exerceises #16-21; STUDY FOR QUIZ on
Simplifying Expressions and Solving Two Step Equartions
Wednesday:  No HW Extra Credit "popular Sayings" is Optional
Thursday: Fix problems from 3.-3.3 Quiz; Distribution practice problems
Friday: Practice 3-4 Example Exercises #1-8, #9 is a bonus if you get it right!

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