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-explore curiosities
-find books and read in comfort
-find answers to questions and help with research projects



At the Canton Intermediate School Media Center, we encourage our students to become independent, competent and responsible users of information and technology. We promote reading for information and pleasure.  Please click on the links below to get a further glimpse of what's happening in the library and the resources that can help kids and parents.  

Kelly Conway- Teacher Librarian

Liz Nardi- Library Assistant

Want to make a difference at the CIS library?  We've set up a wishlist through Amazon where parents can purchase items for our library.  A donation acknowledgment will be placed in the book cover.  Thank you for continuing to help keep reading a priority for our students.

-especially for parents with inquiring minds about "what does go on in the library?

-Kid Lit Quiz competition  *NEW*

for parents and students
-tools to find your next read
-classroom support activities
-general reference links
-academic networking group

-for students during their projects
-reference informatict

for parents and students
-access to our library collections, digital magazines, websites and more




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