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John Sherman Off to an ominous start 3K2014/1/2 2:10 PM
John Sherman Thank you 2K2013/12/31 11:23 AM
John Sherman Last one for 2013 2K2013/12/20 3:54 PM
John Sherman One day until... 3K2013/12/19 3:08 PM
John Sherman half way 3K2013/12/18 3:46 PM
John Sherman Another one? 2K2013/12/16 3:49 PM
John Sherman Timing is everything 2K2013/12/13 4:11 PM
John Sherman backpack management and snow apparel 4K2013/12/12 3:11 PM
John Sherman Hump Day 2K2013/12/11 3:40 PM
John Sherman School Days in the Snow at CBPS 138K2013/12/11 7:52 AM
John Sherman B & N 2K2013/12/11 7:34 AM
John Sherman Slippery going 3K2013/12/9 2:34 PM
John Sherman Week's end 3K2013/12/6 3:16 PM
John Sherman Around the world 2K2013/12/5 3:07 PM
John Sherman Camel's Back 3K2013/12/4 4:32 PM
John Sherman an important request 2K2013/12/3 2:11 PM
John Sherman Welcome Back 2K2013/12/2 2:25 PM
John Sherman T Day minus 1 2K2013/11/27 11:33 AM
John Sherman T minus 2 2K2013/11/26 3:53 PM
John Sherman T minus 3 2K2013/11/25 4:58 PM
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