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Special Activities:
Welcome to Kindergarten!
September:  We will begin our first day of Kindergarten with a hunt for the Gingerbread Man. If we follow the clues around the school, maybe, just maybe, we will find him.   In addition, we will  read several different gingerbread stories.  We will compare and contrast characters, settings and endings of these books.  
During the month of September students will explore primary colors and learn to observe, experiment, predict an outcome, and test for results.
The students will begin to learn, recite and review Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. We will do projects related to Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. These projects will develop listening skills, rhyming skills, fine motor skills, a growing attention span, and print skills.
Print skills are the skills necessary to promote good reading skills and to begin to understand print. Some of these skills are as follows: left to right directionality, return sweep, top and bottom of a page, spaces, differences between a word and letter, sight words, and the number of words in a printed message.
The students will begin to develop an understanding of numbers through the Common Core State Standards and Everyday Math. We will concentrate on number sense, number recognition, ordinal numbers, sorting, counting and graphing beginning in September. Minute Math, done daily, is a short problem solving time where the students solve problems in a variety of ways. Students will be asked to explain his/her thinking and problem solving.
The students will say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing a patriotic song daily. We will start with Connecticut's state song, Yankee Doodle.
We teach through integrated thematic units. Our units of study in September will include Apples, All About Me, Getting to Know Yourself and Others, and Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes.
Our class will use the Common Core State Standards, the reading series, Trophies, by Harcourt Brace, and the Reader's and Writer's Workshop Model from Columbia Teacher's College in New York. You will learn more about these programs on Open House/Curriculum Night and you will be receiving enrichment ideas to help your child with reading concepts at home.
Open House/Curriculum Night will be held in September at Cherry Brook Primary School. On Open House/Curriculum Night you will have an opportunity to learn about the Kindergarten curriculum and hear about a typical Kindergarten day.

October:  Fire Prevention Week is in October.  The Fire Marshal, Mr. Adam Libros, and other volunteer firefighters from our town will be at school with a fire truck to help the children learn about fire safety.  Maybe we will get to see Sparky, the fire dog!  We will have show and tell about fire safety.  Each child should bring in something to do with fire safety.  It could be a small fire truck, a map of the escape plan from your house, a picture of the meeting place at your house, a fire hat, or a flashlight to give you a few ideas.   We will discuss many fire safety rules in class that should help with a choice for this show and tell.

Mother Goose will visit our classroom to recite nursery rhymes with us.  Mother Goose has a skirt with many pockets and in each pocket are items from different nursery rhymes.  Each child will get to stand with Mother Goose and choose an item from her pocket and recite the nursery rhyme with Mother Goose. The children love to see Mother Goose!  

Halloween will be a fun day in Kindergarten.  The kindergartners will be coming to school dressed in their Halloween costume.  We will parade throughout the school and do some fun activities.  A note will be sent home with more information.

November:  We will have a voting booth in our green center to coincide with the elections.  We will vote on a new question each day and graph the results.  The questions will have something to do with our classroom, such as:  Do you want to change your seat?  or Which book do you want me to read?

We will learn about Veterans Day and we remember all the people who have served  in the Armed Forces and who are serving our country at this time. Veterans will visit our school and will participate in a school wide assembly honoring their service.

Parent/teacher conferences will be held in November.  There will be a substitute in the classroom to teach the children during the day so that I may conference in another part of the building.  There will be a night for evening conferences.  There will be a note coming home to explain this further.  Progress reports will be sent home the week before conferences in November.
We will have a Thanksgiving Feast to remember the first Thanksgiving in 1621. We will share a meal of corn muffins, apples, popcorn and pasteurized apple cider. This  will culminate our unit on being thankful.

December:  We will have a  winter/holiday party in December.  We will be making gifts for our family as we learn to give from our hearts and from ourselves.

January:  We will incorporate teddy bears into our daily learning.  We will graph teddy bear math manipulatives and record our observations.  Children will be encouraged to bring in a teddy bear that will be measured with Unifix Cubes.  Unifix Cubes are a non-standard unit of measure.

We will also learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream for the world.  

February:  We will celebrate the 100th day of school. (Only 83 more to go!)  Each class will send home information regarding this special day.

We will also recognize two famous Americans, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

We will celebrate Valentine's Day and exchange valentines to show our friendship and love for each other.

March:  We will read many Dr. Seuss books to commemorate the author, Theodore Giesel.

Progress Reports will be sent home and parent/teacher conferences will be held in March.  Information will follow for conference scheduling.

April:  We will learn about Earth Day.

We  will learn about the farm, farm animals and their products.

May:  We will continue to learn about the farm and will get to go on a field trip to Indian Rock Nature Preserve to see farm animals.  Info to follow.

Cherry Brook Primary School will hold a school wide May Day celebration.  The kindergartners will dance a special dance for the school and their parents.

June: We will celebrate all Kindergarten birthdays with an "Unbirthday Party."  Children will view the  unbirthday movie segment from the movie Alice In Wonderland and enjoy a very special birthday snack.

We will culminate our wonderful year of learning with the Celebration of Learning.  At that time your child will receive a special gift that will represent their learning milestones in Kindergarten.  

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