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First day of school - note home.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 45K2013/8/29 10:39 AM
Room Parents Invitation For Room 8 2013.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 230K2013/8/29 4:17 PM
Spelling Pre-test and test letter.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 184K2013/9/10 12:28 PM
Birthday Celebration Info Letter.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 162K2013/9/16 3:29 PM
Book Clubs Letter for ordering - September and October.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 179K2013/9/26 3:35 PM
What's Happening October First Half 2013.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 188K2013/10/1 5:30 PM
Math fact support suggestions for home.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 95K2013/10/11 12:27 PM
What's Happening Nov. 2013 First Half.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 139K2013/11/5 7:38 AM
What's Happening December 2013.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 139K2013/12/2 5:35 PM
What's Happening Jan 2014 First two weeks.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 138K2014/1/6 5:09 PM
ICER 2014 CBPS.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 624K2014/1/16 1:39 PM
What's Happening Feb 2014 First Two weeks.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 150K2014/2/4 5:19 PM
What's Happening March 2014 First Two weeks.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 168K2014/2/27 8:45 AM
What's Happening March 2014 Second Two weeks.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 185K2014/3/18 3:33 PM
Garden Club Letter and participation weeks 2014.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 38K2014/4/10 3:00 PM
What's Happening May 2014 First Two weeks.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 179K2014/4/30 2:01 PM
Soil Study jar from home May 2014.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 50K2014/4/30 2:03 PM
Ann Atwood Snowy Days Ahead and our Schedule 2K2014/2/12 1:48 PM
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