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1/16/2019 - The Harlem Wizards Come To Canton!

The Harlem Wizards visited Canton on Tuesday night and entertained a sold out crowd in the high school gym!

The Canton Hackers team made up of district staff/faculty put on a great show with the high flying, acrobatic and humorous Harlem Wizards. A huge thank you goes out to the Canton Athletic Booster Club for putting this all together, and thanks to so many volunteers during the night. This was a great community event for Canton.




(you may have to copy and paste video URL to your browser to view)

video 1 http://cantonschools.org/filestorage/184/1397/1842/composition.MOV

video 2: http://cantonschools.org/filestorage/184/1397/1842/IMG_0167.MOV