District News

12/20/2018 - SNHS Hosts Final Session of 2018 of the "Science at CIS"

On Wednesday, December 12th, CHS’s Science National Honors Society hosted its final session of the “Science at CIS” program in 2018.


On this day, SNHS students informed a group of CIS students on the unique properties of water through several interactive demonstrations. Shortly thereafter, with the help of their SNHS group leaders, teams of CIS students competed in the “water olympics”, where they utilized common materials in the construction of a boat that had to withstand weights and currents.These boats were tested out at the “olympic trials”, which spurred excitement among CIS and SNHS students alike. Below are some photos from the event.

In the coming year, SNHS will be involved in more outreach activities that include assisting kids at CBPS in expanding upon their interest and affinity for the sciences. If you are interested in joining, you are strongly encouraged to ask Mr. Riley, Ms. Ott, Cole Glasgow, or Lila Hunt to add you to the list!

Annabel Hayes (center) engages CIS students with the density of various sodas.


Allison Celmer (left) helps her group of CIS students in the construction of their boat.

CIS students collaborated in the careful construction of their boats.

Alex Lederman (left) and Lila Hunt (right) assist in the olympic trials.