District News

12/6/2018 - SNHS holds "Science at CIS"

On Wednesday, November 28th, CHS’s Le Chat chapter of Science National Honors Society had its third annual “Science at CIS” program, where thirteen CHS students engaged 24 CIS students in an interactive program on airplanes and flight. This program included a presentation on forces of flight, a demo of each force’s effect on flight, and assistance in creating unique paper airplanes for the distance, creativity, and accuracy plane contest. A good time was had by all who attended, which is evident through the pictures attached below.

Gabe Mower demo’s forces of flights to CIS students.

CIS students construct their airplanes with the help of SNHS and CHS students.

SNHS students Mike Cavanaugh and Gabe Mower help CIS students perfect their airplanes before the contest begins.

CIS students test out their model paper airplanes.


On Thursday, November 29th, a group of Science National Honors Society students went to CBPS to help kids make their own rockets which they launched off the ground. The kids were able to learn through visuals the relation of pressure, flight, and design.

Science National Honors Society has two more CIS events coming up on December 12th (Land group) and December 15th (Water group). If you are interested in helping the next generation of Canton students further their knowledge and love of the Sciences, let Ms. Ott, Mr. Riley, Cole Glasgow, or Lila Hunt know that you are planning on attending! Everyone is welcome.

Science National Honors Society also has it’s Astronomy Night coming up! Come to the CHS Science Wing On December 6th at 6pm to get a close-up view of the stars through our telescopes.