District News

8/2/2018 - 2018 Bell System

 We would like to take a few minutes to remind you that the Canton High School daily bell schedule for the 2018-19 school year has been revised. 

The new schedule supports our continued focus on student-centered learning by providing students and teachers with extended time during specific class periods. In summary, instead of a traditional week where classes meet every day, two of the five days will have an "extended learning block" resulting in students meeting with their teachers four times per week.

The decision to make this shift is grounded in providing more time for students to develop 21st Century skills in concert with our curriculum standards.  As our goal is not simply to efficiently accumulate 24 credits but to prepare students to be college and career ready, and who are highly competitive within the local, regional, and global communities.

The bell schedule can be seen here, and encompasses the following:

  • 3 days per week – a straight 8 period day (periods will be numerical)
  • 2 days per week – 4 classes would be held (Odd 1, 3, 5, 7 on Wednesdays/Even 2, 4, 6, 8 on Thursdays)
  • No rotation of morning schedule
  • Teachers would see students 4 days per week
  • No collaboration time prior to the opening of school
  • CHAT will continue, but will be on Tuesdays

Our goal is to increase opportunities for student centered learning by:

  • Allowing for better, deeper grasp of concepts
  • Creating uninterrupted time for research
  • Providing opportunities for richer discussion
  • Utilizing a greater variety of teaching strategies
  • Better addressing the range of learning styles
  • Providing students with the opportunity to practice inquiry
  • Providing students with opportunity to participate in several different activities within one class period.