District News

9/4/2015 - The NEW CHS Writing Center!

CHS Writing Center is here!

CHS would like to officially welcome students to the new and improved Canton High School Writing Center. This facility is located in the library, and is open for business for students of all grades and writing abilities. We would love to have your help in promoting this center as a place where students can go when they're looking for extra help with a written assignment from any class, and at any stage in the writing process. As students begin writing essays, reflections, personal statements, or anything else that involves organized writing, please let them know that they can come to the writing center during staffed periods to get that extra help. We want all our students to feel safe and supported as they work to improve their writing skills.

The writing center is available C, D, E, and G period, as well as B period by appointment.Writing Center Availability:

Please encourage your children to take advantage of the writing center as often as they can. Whether they're brainstorming a topic, struggling with a thesis, or need a different set of eyes to look at a full draft, we're ready to help!