District News

3/16/2018 - 2018 Youth art month library display

A snow date has been set to celebrate Youth Art Month. 

An exhibit of artwork created by students from K-12 will be on display at the Canton Public Library.  There will be a reception in honor of our young artists on Wednesday, March 28th, from 6:30 to 7:45 pm.  You are invited to join us in celebrating the fine work of our students, and students throughout the District.  For a list of CHS artist works to be displayed, please check out our website.

Cupcake Acrylic

Sydney Perks

Sophia Gentile

Annika Soderberg

Thi Le

Kelsey Dube

Woven pencil portrait

Rachel Tarnelli

Jackson Bidmead

Zoe Bates

Acrylic collage portrait

Gina Atkinson

Gemstone/Crystal Watercolor

Jackson Bidmead

Jenna Mattson

Kelsey Dube

Color Wheel

Jenna Mattson

Gabbie Shinkel

Robbie Karson

Eileen Muzynski

Crocheted Necklaces/Paper beads

Andrea Bustamante

Emma Gallant

Veronica Gorbenko

Sofie LaCombe

Hannah Lange

Emma Love

Callahan Marsh

Kiera Parshley

Mia Tollis

Audrey West

Katahdin Whitney

Surreal Handscpae

Jenna DiMartino