District News

8/19/2015 - Important Change to Grading Portal Login for Parents

The latest version of Powerschool has changed the Grading Portal login so that parents now create their own accounts and can associate multiple children into one account using the information previously used to login and check each individual child’s information in Powerschool.

Creating A Parent Portal Account


1. Navigate to Powerschool website either via www.cantonschools.org and clicking Grading Portal in the top right corner or directly at sis.cantonschools.org/public Once there click on Create Account and then again on the button on the next page.

2. Under Create Parent Account


  • Your name
  • Valid email address
  • Username(cannot match your current parent portal ID)
  • Password

3. Under Link students to Account


  • Child’s Name
  • Access ID (Parent username from parent portal letter)
  • Access Password (Parent password from parent portal letter)
  • Choose a relationship from the pull down menu

4. You can now review your child’s information by logging in at the main page of the grading portal with your new username and password.



Once an account has been created using this info you will no longer use the information in the Grading Portal to login but please maintain them for future reference. Make note of your new username and password, this information will not change from year to year unless updated by you.

Student accounts are not affected by this update and will continue to login as normal.