District News

12/15/2017 - Students Attend North Central CT Conference Leadership Summit
Earlier today select senior leaders from athletics went to Suffield High School for the North Central Connecticut Conference Leadership Summit. Dan Switchenko was the key-note speaker and his message was all about what it takes to be a leader. He used the acronym DREAMS, standing for Dedication, Respect, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Mental Toughness, and Sacrifice. Then the student-athletes broke out into three groups. One was all about teamwork, one about sportsmanship, and the other combined the two. Other schools from the NCCC were there so it was a great way for our student-athlete leaders to get to know some student-athletes from the other schools in our conference. We are looking for those student-athletes to bring what they learned back to their teams and the rest of the student-body. Pictures from their experience can be found here.

Canton High School's athletic council along with Kim Church created a sportsmanship pledge as a way to start implementing good sportsmanship within the Canton community. The video that is attached will show you the pledge and when you come to the high school and athletic events, you can find the pledge on posters. We are looking for the entire Canton community, along with the student body, to start really embracing this pledge and it's meaning.        https://www.wevideo.com/view/1029379193