District News

11/17/2017 - CIAC Sportsmens Conference
On Thursday, November 16th, some members of the athletic council along with the Interim Athletic Coordinator, Kim Church, and the Community Outreach Leader for Athletics, Matt Brintle, attended the CIAC sportsmanship conference where multiple schools from across Connecticut joined together for a day of collaboration and inspiration.
The key note speaker was Eddie Slowikowski, an Olympic distance runner who is a member of the sub 4 minute mile club. His main message to the student-athletes and the rest of the audience was that we, as leaders on and off the athletic arena, can visualize the positive possibilities that can happen. We just have to take action and show everyone else how to accomplish these possibilities. When we act, others will follow, so we have to be the models of sportsmanship that we want our school to represent. 
Then schools shared ideas on how they are emphasizing sportsmanship in their school communities so it was a great way for our student-athletes to hear what is going on in other schools and perhaps we could implement some into our own school community. 

It was a fun day for everyone and our student-athletes left motivated to bring some of these great ideas to Canton.