District News

10/26/2017 - Heublein Tower Hike - SEARCH Club

The Search Club kicked off the year with an awesome expedition hike up to Heublein Tower last Wednesday, October 19, 2017.

Over twenty students participated on the sunny- weather hike, which was a lucky coincidence due to the perfect alignment of the climate condition and the date. Students shared their highlights of the trip, which included “the breathtaking and stunning views!”  The opportunity allowed for a lot of photos and “selfies” to be taken of the astonishing background and also enabled for new friends to be made amongst the group of students that did the hike. The Search Environmental Club promotes awareness for environmental issues in our school and advocates consciousness for the health of our planet. The club not only does that, but also organizes water quality data on the Farmington River in a long term river study, Earth Day promotion, fundraisers, and support for local initiatives that promote environmental issues.  New members are always welcome to attend the meetings held on Wednesday mornings at 7:15. To attend this meeting, please come to Mr. Gawitt’s room, which is room #139.