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10/20/2017 - Students participate in the 20th Annual Yale Physics Olympics

On Saturday Oct 14th, two teams of CHS physics students competed at the 20th Annual Yale Physics Olympics. This fantastic program offered by Yale has 50 teams from around the state send top students to compete in a series of five events, which don't require specific physics knowledge, but good science and problem solving skills. Events include a fermi estimation quiz (eg. how many cellos are in Europe?), building a balloon powered rocket, building a double pendulum with greatest amplitude and tuning a circuit to produce a specific frequency. Team ma (Axel Tanner, Marissa Schroeter, James Vetro, Sydney Anderson) took first place in the event Bad Amplitude, a first for Canton to win any individual event. Team Vamperes & Zohmbies (Cole Marcuccio, Gabriel Mesa, Aidan O'Donnell, Thi Le) took second place in Payload it Forward, and finished 1st overall, bringing Canton its first ever Yale Physics Olympics medal! The prize is an engraved teapot and of course a parabolic solar dish with which to heat it!

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