District News

3/21/2017 - CHS heads to CBPS for Astronomy Night

Our annual Astronomy Night at Cherry Brook Primary School may have been delayed numerous nights due to cloudy skies, but did finally take place on March 9th!  

We had over 20 CHS students volunteer to help that evening on a variety of hands-on astronomy related stations in the cafe or outside on the telescopes.  As always, the CHS students do a superb job of sharing their knowledge about the night skies and astronomy, as well as inspiring our youngest science enthusiasts in the community to share in their passion and wonder about our universe and science.  Especially popular this year were stations that asked the second graders to calculate their age and weight on various planets in our solar system based on their period of revolution and mass.  This may have been due to the fact that novel calculators were involved!  The moon crater station is always a hit where students drop "asteroids" onto the moon's "flour" surface to see resulting impact craters.  The true highlight, however, for the evening is being outside and using the telescopes to view objects in the night sky.  This night is the result of a Canton Education Foundation grant more than ten years ago where five telescopes were purchased to facilitate a community partnership between schools and annual community science event.  Within the last three years an Astronomy elective course has been added to the CHS curriculum to continue fostering a passion for physics and astronomy.