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2/3/2017 - Model UN Goes to Yale (again!)

The Model United Nations Club attended Yale University again for three days from January 19 through the 21st as members of the annual Model UN Conference.

 This overnight trip included 31 CHS students in grades 10 through 11 and was led by Ms. Mocarski, Ms. Jones, and Mr. Barth.

Students debated issues ranging from the use of biological and chemical weapons, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, women’s reproductive rights, the use of military drones, chronic poverty in rural areas around the globe, and child labor in developing countries, and many more global problems. As delegates, they were to represent a specific country’s point of view and argue to try to convince the room of other competing interests to sign on to their resolution (solution).

Other students were fortunate enough to role play specific world leaders in a historical simulation. Senior Kasey Charron was “Shiro Ishii,” a Japanese medical officer and member of the notorious Unit 731 during WWII, and Junior Clark Walburger was President John F. Kennedy after the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion.

The Model UN Club is advised by Ms. Mocarski. If anyone is interested in joining Model UN, there will be an informational meeting in early September to discuss future conferences. 

Senior Kasey Charron

Students in Debate

Junior Christine Babbitt

Junior Clark Walburger

Junior Abigail Treacy