District News

1/30/2017 - SEARCH Environmental Club Winter Walk

The SEARCH Environmental Club along with CHS students, teachers, a puppy, and friends participated in the first ever Winter Walk on Saturday, January 28th.  


The walk began at LaSalle’s Market and commenced at the Collinsville Dam along the bike path.  CHS student members organized a series of informational talks on local Collinsville history, fishing along the Farmington River, the new hydroelectric project in the works, the bike path, and the actual Collinsville Dam and bridge.  The SEARCH Club has branched out this year to include hikes in the area.  In the fall, students hiked the Hubblein Tower.  Also, coming up this spring, the SEARCH Club will be selling tie-dye Earth Day theme t-shirts with the logo designed by CHS senior, Laura Obemeyer.  Planning is underway for the 3rd annual Farmington River Study group that monitors water quality along five stations from Canton to Collinsville in June.  New members are always welcome to join!


Winter Walk participants pictured in photos

  1. Eva Tsimboukis

  2. Amanda Hepburn

  3. Jessie Webb

  4. Collin Cleaves

  5. Evan Adams

  6. Lila Hunt

  7. Samantha Dionne

  8. Logan Haynes

  9. Marissa Schroeter

  10. Nellie Rodgriguez

  11. Gabe Ortiz