District News

1/18/2017 - CHS Students Participate in CMEA's Northern Regional Music Festival
12 Canton High School Students participated in the Connecticut Music Educators Association High School Northern Regional Music Festival this past weekend.
Students accepted by audition joined with students from around the region for a concert of advanced music in either chorus, band, or jazz band.

Drew Bidmead, Hollis Griffin, Mark Knebel, Miika Markkanen, Sarah Marze, Sara Melendez, Alexander Simmons, Morgan Vacca, & Dustin Van Kirk
Cole Glasgow & Elizabeth Raynor
Jazz Band: 
Tigger Kluessendorf

CHS student/chorus member and percussionist, Morgan Vacca, played the Djembe for one of the regional chorus pieces. Here she is seen taken notes from the conductor regarding her part.