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12/1/2016 - The Results Are In! The CHS food drive a success!
On Wednesday of this week, we had a friendly competition among grade levels to see who could provide more food for the Canton Food Bank! The class who brought in the most food was to earn Spirit Week points for next year. If the seniors won, they would then pick a class to give theo points too.  However, the results are in, and it wasn't the seniors!  Congratulations to the freshmen class!

We collected a total of 336 items for the Canton Food Bank which fit into 10 boxes total.  The results are as follows:
 Grade   Level
  9 172
10 85
11 53
12 26
Totals 336
Thanks for all your contributions with this CHAT project!   The freshman class as sophomores will earn Spirit Week points!  Congratulations.


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