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10/24/2016 - CHS/CMS Boys sing at UCONN: Brothers Sing On!
12 Male Students from High School and Middle School Choir got a chance to participate in the Brothers Sing on! UCONN Men’s Choir Festival, this past Saturday 10/15.
Students spent all day rehearsing and learning alongside and with college conductors, students as well as other students and male adult singers from throughout the state. Here are some thoughts about the day in their own words:

From the Middle School Students:

We believe that Brothers Sing On! was a great learning experience that we would love to do again! We learned many interesting things that we can use in our regular singing. This includes looking up the conductor while we are singing, using dynamics in certain places, focusing on vowels and how to express certain consonants. We would love to do this again to become better singers and learn even more.

- Nicholas Johnson, Rayvin Dean, Sean Miscikoski, Daniel Knaub, James Carlson

From the High School Students:

We spent an entire day collaborating and learning alongside several other men from the UCONN music program, directed by UCONN’s director of choral activities, Dr. Jamie Spillane. We were able to get more personalized feedback with several sectionals throughout the day. We also got to observe a vocal master class where other students received feedback on their performance. The day culminated with a performance including many of UCONN’s men's singing groups and all of the students who participated that day. We enjoyed the opportunity to experience a small sample of UCONN’s music program and develop our singing skills further.
- Marcus Kosak, Dustin Van Kirk, Drew Bidmead, Timothy Biondo, Alexander Simmons, Miika Markkanen, Rowan Cookman