District News

10/18/2016 - Peer Counseling Program

The Peer Counselor Program is a program where high school students, who have been specially trained, provide positive support and role modeling to other students.  Peer Counselors learn concepts and skills in order to help others to think about their feelings and ideas, to explore alternatives, and to make responsible decisions.  In addition, they have been trained to be particularly aware of the value of privacy and trust. 

Trained peer counselors are paired up with students who may need help in a number of different areas.  They may be experiencing relationship issues with teachers or peers, going through difficult family situations, feeling left out or isolated in school, or lacking goals and direction, or just simply need a friend to look out for them. 

If your son or daughter may benefit from meeting with one of our peer counselors or you would like to find out more about the program, please contact Brigitte Duffy, School Psychologist and peer counselor supervisor at 860-693-7711 or bduffy@cantonschools.org.