District News

5/27/2016 - CHS Assembly - The Truth About Hate

Last Friday afternoon, we held an assembly for grades 9, 10, 11 in conjunction with the Anti-deflamation League.  The assembly, entitled “The Truth About Hate”, acknowledges that “ ‘hate’ happens here in Connecticut and the seeds of hate can be found in every high school.”  According to the ADL, “the key to combating hate is to address these issues before they grow into major problems.”   Sixteen students helped to plan, organize, and facilitate the event and through their hard work and dedication, the program was very successful.  Congratulations at a job well done!

Pictured: Andrea Bustamante, Shian Earlington, Dan Jones, Deigo Noriega, Chris-Ann Brown, Hannah O'Leary, Evan Mingo, Christine Babbitt, Kyra Thomas, Collin Duran, Kayla Sherman-Burns, Jocelyn Rossitto, Noah O'Leary, Nikki Brightly, and others.