District News

5/26/2016 - SEARCH Club & AP Envrironmental Students Participate in River Study

A number of SEARCH Club members and pre-registrants for the new AP Environmental course to be offered this fall at CHS participated in our 2nd Annual Farmington River Study on Monday, May 23rd.  An exceptional day of weather was on “tap” for a number of water quality tests.  Students collected data for nitrates, phosphates, temperature, dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide, flow rate, iron, pH, latitude and longitude coordinates, and water hardness.  First impressions showed a healthy river system, but students will now be doing comparative analysis with last year’s data to see if any patterns emerge.  Students collected samples at 4 sites along the river and back at Mills Pond.  The river sites are pre and post pollution control facility and post Collinsville center to see if industry and human impacts can be detected.  A highlight for many is being outside to enjoy the beautiful Farmington River and bike trail that make this natural resource so assessable for our community.