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3/3/2016 - CHS Goes to Costa Rica!

21 Students, along with Mrs. Smith, Ms. Subrizi, and Mr. Case, traveled to Costa Rica to explore and expand their world-view.  

Fears were overcome by all as we rode horseback through the rain-forest and zip-lined in the canopy. Horizons were broadened as students had the opportunity to interview locals on the customs surrounding Valentine's Day and how it is celebrated in Costa Rica. Beautiful nature was seen and experienced, sometimes a little too closely for comfort. We saw monkeys and sloths and more exotic birds than I can count or name.  We shooed the monkeys away from our lunches at Manuel Antonio National Park, and our bus driver would routinely pull the bus over so we could step out and admire something - be it a nice view, an awe inspiring waterfall, or a troop of monkeys. One of the most interesting stops on our trip was when we visited the Maleku Indigenous Community. Our guide made it possible for us to visit with the local elementary school children at recess. In the end, our students took their learning beyond the classroom and had an experience of a lifetime. 


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