District News

2/19/2016 - Warrior Night at CHS

On Friday February 12th, the boys basketball team participated in Canton High School's "Warrior Night".

The team wore white/camouflage shooting shirts and socks that were purchased to support our efforts in raising money for the "Building for Our Bravest" organization. This organization builds "smart" custom homes for American soldiers that have suffered catastrophic injuries during their service time. The athletic council has been giving "Warrior" bands to those that make a donation at the basketball games. Students in athletic council also went to local businesses to ask for support and donations and were able to get several to help. 

During halftime,the crowd was entertained by a free-throw shooting contest between Principal DiPippo and CHS math teacher Mrs. Patty Canny.  The students and faculty voted throughout the day to express who they thought would be victorious as the live results were displayed in the library.  Despite her strong showing and her being a heavy favorite to win, Mrs. Canny fell short as Mr. DiPippo made 17 free-throws in 60 seconds! The event was exciting and extremely fun for fans and the participants.  However, the real winners are those that will benefit from everyone's generosity during this winter season and event.
Thank you to Mr. DiPippo and Mrs. Canny for their support and participation, to all the businesses that contributed, and to Jake Schaetzel and the athletic council for all their work to help make this happen. 

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