District News

12/17/2015 - CHS Science and SNHS students volunteer at Annual Astronomy Night
Over 20 CHS science students and Science National Honor Society (SNHS) members volunteered at CBPS for the Annual Astronomy Night family event held on December 16th.
Stephen Riley, Michelle Ott, and Marsha Jorgensen worked with Linda Caraher (CBPS) to organize this event. Though the weather called for clear skies, unfortunately clouds formed just as we were about to start the program. Our students led hands-on astronomy related activities that included how to make star finders, use the star finders and maps available, how comet tails behave in the solar wind, how impacts on the moon create craters, a solar system scale demonstration, light behavior in eclipses, and particle behavior in Saturn's rings. Additionally, a number of our students worked on the telescopes to help the second graders and their families become familiar with its use and application. So though the weather didn't cooperate, it still was a great evening for CBPS and our CHS students to showcase their learning and understanding of complex concepts. An interesting point is that our CHS students are "veterans" of Astronomy Night when they were second graders in the district!


 Pictured:  Ryan Delehoy