District News

12/16/2015 - Annual Food Drive a Success!

Mrs. Aitchison’s 19th annual Food Drive was a success!

The food drive ran from December 7 through December 11 in most math classes. Students were given a list of the items most needed by Canton Food Bank and those items counted double in the competition. Monetary donations were also collected. All food was delivered on Wednesday, December 16, to the Canton Food Bank. In total, over two car loads of food and $ 846.25 was collected.

Winning classes were determined by the class with the highest donations per student average. Each participating teacher declared a winner. Mrs. Aitchison’s Period D AP Statistics class won with an average of 34.35 per person and 100% participation. Mr. Aureli’s period G Honors Algebra 2 class won with an average of 20.6 with 95% participation. Mrs. Forastiere’s winning class was Honors Precalculus with an average of 18.67 per student and a 61% participation rate. Mr. Deegan’s period A Algebra 2 class won with an average of 9.8 per student and 90% participation. Ms. Holian’s period H Geometry class won with a 9.58 average and 68% participation.

A huge thanks to all of the families for their generous donations. Many families in the area will benefit from this food drive.


Stacks of food were donated. Stickers given for each item donated by Mrs. Aitchison's students.