District News

12/4/2015 - STEM - "The Hour of Code"
The Hour of Code in the Canton Public Schools
The Canton Public Schools invite you to join us in participating in this year's Hour of Code!  The Hour of Code is an extension of Computer Science Education Week, a global initiative aimed at increasing student access to demystify coding and show that anyone can learn the basics.  Through the Hour of Code and, Canton’s commitment to STEM education, we are providing all students with an introduction to the skills and abilities used to create the devices and media we work with each day.  Through the Hour of Code, we hope to make students aware that:
1.   Computer science is something they CAN do
2.   Computer science is an engaging and creative process which can lead to future possibilities
3.   Understanding computer science can aid each individual in their development as a digital citizen. 
We invite you to join us to participate for the Hour of Code, or more if you would like!  You can access our resources any time through our website at goo.gl/EbfCA6  There, you will find a series of exciting and engaging tasks which will provide you with an outstanding introduction to the world of computer science.
Good luck, and happy coding