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12/4/2015 - Students compete at the 2015 New England Economic Summit

On December 3, 27 students from grades 9-12 traveled to Boston to compete in the 2015 New England International Economic Summit.

Student teams represented the countries of Belarus, Colombia, Ghana, Ireland , Kyrgyzstan, and Laos they acted as economic advisors for their nation.  The competition involved each team to import and export goods to increase their country's standard of living.  All of the team members should be extremely proud of their performance.  The teams of Belarus, Colombia, and Ghana received perfect scores on the Geography test portion of the event. Team Kyrgyzstan had one of the top three table displays and Team Ireland had the top costume for the Competition.

Please contact Social Studies teacher Kerry Hartley for more information regarding the International Economic Summit competition.




Country Team Members
Belarus (Middle)
Andrew Obrzut, Cole Glasgow, Daniel Skakun, Michael Cavanaugh
Colombia (Middle)
Carver Coleman, Mia Tuccillo, Austin Reid, Santiago Noriega
Ghana (Low)
Jack Horvath, Gabriel Mesa, Michael Dupre, Collin Duran
Ireland (High)
Delaney Brown, Madeline Brown, Sofia Langou, Adeline Obrzut, Dustin Van Kirk, Matt Pickett
Kyrgyzstan (Low)
Grace Melrose, Rachel Peterson, Katherine Hynes, Dylan Reader, Lindsay Vacca
Laos (Low)
Samantha Dionne, Lillian Grabowski, Lindsay Laclair