District News

11/13/2015 - CHS Celebrates Veteran's Day

We had another exciting and eventful week at Canton High School.  First and foremost, CHS welcomed veterans into their classrooms again this year in honor of Veteran’s Day. Twenty honored guests attended this year from Canton, as well as neighboring communities of Avon, Bolton, and New Hartford to share their experiences with the students. This year’s theme was a focus upon the “citizen soldier,” a person not unlike the Roman Cincinnatus and our own George Washington, both of whom were called to serve, and upon completing their tasks, returned to their humble professions. Canton recognized these individuals who are unassuming and humble in their service to our nation.  I would like to give a special thank you to Nora Mocarski, Social Studies Department Chair, for her efforts in coordinating an informative and powerful Veteran Day Commemoration.