District News

11/5/2015 - Canton Students help continue the Peruvian Daffodil tradition
43 Canton High School Students donated their time to help Mr. Walter Lowell at his home do his fall clean up of "Peruvian Daffodils". The students dug up and stored thousands of bulbs for Mr. Lowell and his family.  In turn, a generous monetary donation was given to the Canton Food Bank for all the work the students accomplished.

As some of you may know, The Lowell family was the former owner of the Canton Golf Course where these flowers were planted. These beautiful flowering bulbs were first planted from his mother and have multiplied over the years. Mr. Lowell plants them every spring so that he can bring bouquets of fragrant flowers to local rehabilitation centers and nursing homes though out the summer for all the staff and patients to enjoy.

The student had a great time, and their efforts were greatly appreciated. We had a very good showing of the Canton Girls Field Hockey Team, Thank you so much to all the students!