District News

10/29/2015 - SFS Students Organized School-Wide Wear Red Campaign

Substance Free Students recently organized a Wear Red Campaign on Wed., Oct. 28th at CHS.

During the month of October, schools through out the country participate in Red Ribbon Week events to highlight the importance of a drug-free lifestyle and making good choices. With the help of the CHS Athletics Department and promotion of this important message, we had a great participation rate. All participants were given special Red Warrior Way tickets and were entered into a B. Good gift card drawing where there was one winner per grade level.

The Be Good gift card winners for each grade were: Grade 9: Nick Lagonigro: Grade 10: Cole Marcuccio; Grade 11: Brandon Peters; and Grade 12: Carly Atkinson.


Photo includes SFS members Christine Gorbenko, Sklyer Soderberg, Collin Cleaves

Thanks to all that participated and SFS for organizing this initiative.