District News

6/4/2021 - The "New: CHS Greenhouse

Although the end of the school year is drawing near, our students continue to learn, sometimes in innovative ways that also expose themselves to new skill sets.  For example, if you walked the campus last year, you would have eventually come upon a defunct remnant of what was once a functional greenhouse.  However, if you made that same tour now you would  notice some big changes!  The CHS Greenhouse was part of the original building project in 1970 and over the years has served to afford opportunities to plant, grow and at times produce an annual fundraiser for various gardening programs.  


As staff changed over the years, the greenhouse has been in various states of use.  Most recently, the CMS Science and Nutrition course used it for composting and growing seeds in the 2010’s.  Over the last few years, heavy winter snow left panels broken and the greenhouse in a state of disrepair so much so that it could not be used.  With new staff, came new visions of the potential for our greenhouse.  


Thank you, CHS Physics teacher, Keith Gregorian-Michaelsen, for noticing and thinking about what an opportunity the greenhouse could be for students.  According to Mr. Gregorian-Michalesen, “Working with your hands is an important life skill.  Doing a renovation project like this with students allows them to do things they have never done before, like handle a drill!”  The last few months have been a whirlwind of measurements, ordering materials, cleaning out, tearing down, making struts, and design planning to replace the existing plexiglass panels.  Students from Mr. Gregorian-Michaelsen’s AP Physics class and other interested students helped bring the project to life and completion.  Mr. Brandon Richard from our Technology Education Department also helped with cutting and fabrication work with his students.  Thank you to everyone that helped with this project and for extending our work space out onto our beautiful campus! Enjoy some pictures here!