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10/16/2015 - SAC News

C.I.S. Proudly Presents The New & Improved Student Advisory Council (S.A.C.)!

C.I.S. students have now been introduced to the new and improved C.I.S. Student Advisory Council (S.A.C.) program.  The format of the C.I.S. Student Advisory Council (S.A.C.) has changed this year. The focus of S.A.C. will be to support our school wide initiative of PBIS, Positive Behavior Interventions and Support.  We will work together to create school wide campaigns that push students to be respectful, responsible, role models throughout the building. We will also focus on community outreach projects.   Those who are part of S.A.C. will be assigned either team--PBIS or Community Outreach, and have the opportunity to work with that team for a span of 6 weeks. During those 6 weeks the students will help plan and carry out projects relating to their group’s focus.  S.A.C. will meet during recess and lunch blocks on Wednesdays.   Since our time together will be limited, it is crucial that students who are interested are willing to give up their recess and lunch in the cafeteria once a week. If students are in school they will be expected to be at the meeting. The only excused absence will be if a student is absent from school. If students have unexcused absences from meetings they will be asked to leave the committee.  Students who are interested in being part of S.A.C. this year must fill out an application and return it to school no later than Tuesday, October 20th, 2015. No late applications will be accepted. Once all applications are reviewed, the committee groupings will be made and you will be told when you will serve as a SAC representative.

S.A.C. Officers:  S.A.C. officers will also take on new roles this year, and the selection process for these roles will be changed as well. S.A.C. leadership roles will be open to one 4th grader, one 5th grader, and two 6th graders. Leaders will serve on committees for the entire year, so they must be willing to put a great amount of time and effort into their position.

Those who are interested in being a S.A.C. officer will have to complete the application process.  The process will involve filling out an application and writing a letter describing three reasons why they deserve a leadership role. Once all applications are submitted, a committee of teachers will review the candidates and select those who best fit the roles. These students will then go through an interview process as a final step before the officers are selected.

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are looking forward to a fantastic year in S.A.C.!

 Miss Peterson and Mrs. McKay



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