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10/8/2020 - Letter to Families Regarding All-In Opening on Oct 13

October 8, 2020

CHS families and students, 

We are excited about the prospect of an all-student return to school beginning next week. Earlier Mr. Case shared with you that both Canton High School and Canton Middle School will be moving into our full reopening plan Tuesday, October 13. The schedule to support this plan was shared with you yesterday and I wanted to take this opportunity to explain and reaffirm the key protocols and schedules as we move forward.

First,  it is important to state that all of the current health and safety protocols will be continued during this next stage of our reopening. The procedures and policies that students have become accustomed to since August 31st  will not be changing in any substantial way. The hybrid schedule  afforded us the opportunity to continually review these procedures and we will remain vigilant in our use of them during our full re-opening to maintain the safety of the building. During the next phase of our reopening, Canton High School  will merge the A and B cohorts on Tuesday, October 13th. Students who are members of the Full Remote Learning cohort will remain on full remote learning. Our current enrollment at Canton High 483 students of which 63 are currently remote learners. 

We have been preparing for all students to return to CHS since the summer. Prior to October 13th, we will be checking all of the classrooms at CHS to ensure that the appropriate distancing of students allowable in each room will be maintained. We are also continually reviewing class rosters for the numbers of students in a room. Any class that exceeds minimum distancing will be moved into a larger space for students such as a science lab, auditorium, chorus room, library or cafeteria. 

Schedules/Lunches/Breakfast program

In my communication yesterday, I shared with you our calendar schedule for the coming weeks. For your information, I have included our daily bell schedule for our block days that also includes the time of our lunch waves. We have added a lunch wave to increase the number to four that will be just over one hundred students in each. We can safely accommodate this number in the cafeteria and the areas just outside of the cafeteria. Please know that during “early dismissal” days, a grab and go lunch will be made available for students to have the option to take prior to leaving the building. Also, our new breakfast program will continue to run as well.

Late arrival and early departure from school: Traditionally, the opportunity to arrive late and leave early has been a senior privilege. Earlier this year, extended this opportunity to grade 11 students. With a full reopening, we will now offer this privilege to grade 9 and 10 students as well.  This would be open to students who have periods 1, 2, 7, or 8 as an open or study hall. The rationale for extending this privilege is it would naturally support the concept of staggering start and end times for students. To reduce the number of students in the building, we encourage eligible students to take advantage of either leaving early or arriving late as their schedule allows. This FORM must be filled out by a parent/guardian to gain approval for this privilege.

Our Arrival / departure/ visitor procedures will continue with one slight change. For parent drivers, students will be let out of cars beginning at 7:15 in an attempt to keep traffic moving. Per protocol, students will enter the building in their designated locations and move directly to the classroom of their first period class of the day.

During our full reopening, we will continue to support and proactively message general health and safety expectations for all staff and students. These expectations include:

  • Students and staff will wear masks at all times while in the building following current local, state and national guidance. 
  • Mask Breaks will only be allowed in designated areas and at designated times when the safety of students and staff can be maintained.
  • Excess furniture has been removed from classrooms. Student desks have been rearranged in rooms to maximize the distance between desks. 
  • Handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer will be encouraged for everyone throughout the day. 
  • Students, with the assistance of the teacher, will wipe down their desks at the end of the period. 
  • Social Distancing will be maintained in hallways. Students and staff will follow directional signage during passing times.
  • Students will not be allowed to congregate in hallways or common areas before school, during passing times, or after school.
  • Limited use of locker rooms for athletes only on a specific schedule.
  • Bathrooms will be limited in occupancy and not available during passing times. Students will need to use the restroom during the class period where they must sign out using our school-wide QAR code.
  • Students and staff will be encouraged to bring personal water bottles this year as the water fountains in the hallways have been turned off. 
  • Accurate attendance will be taken for all students. Under our reopening plan, it is critical to have an accurate record of a student’s location throughout the school day while they are in the building. 

Finally and most importantly, it has been widely reported that in surrounding areas there has been an increase in the transmission of Covid-19.  With many weekend and extracurricular activities taking place, it is a reminder to all of us to continue to be vigilant in fully supporting the mitigating measures that have proved successful thus far including wearing masks, washing of hands, physical distancing and minimizing group numbers. The health of the community is directly connected to the health of our school and ability to continue with our school year with live instruction. We are thankful for the direct interaction with our students and wish nothing more for this to continue well into the new year. We appreciate your partnership and support.

Drew DiPippo                                                                                       Ruth Kidwell

CHS Principal                                                                                       Assistant Principal