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9/4/2020 - CHS School Information for Students and Parents

Dear Canton High School Students and Families,

I hope this communication finds you safe and in good health. First and foremost, I want to let all of you know that we are excited to welcome students back. All staff are ready and looking forward to reconnecting with students while creating an engaging environment. We have truly missed the students as our collective interactions make our school special. Under any plan and any circumstances, we will support our students and continue to build our community. At this point of the summer, I traditionally send out a welcome back letter outlining new initiatives and providing updated information to begin the new school year. This year, the communication will focus on our return to school plan that reflects the latest guidance from the State of CT and the Farmington Valley Health Department. I trust that you read Mr. Case’s letter dated August 10th or viewed information on the website Canton Schools Reopening Slides announcing that Canton Schools will open the 2020-21 school year using a Hybrid/Blended model. The communication also indicated that this model will be in place through October 13 when the school will return to full operating capacity. As we know, all plans are fluid based on the most current information, but these decisions give us a roadmap for our planning purposes. The goal of this letter is to answer as many questions possible as we return in this blended model. As conditions change, more communication will follow.

Based on Covid restrictions and state guidelines, our school will operate differently than in past years. With the primary goal of keeping all students and staff safe, several changes have been made to our normal operating procedures. These changes are necessary and we appreciate flexibility and understanding in support of these changes. 

  1. Face masks: All Students will be required to wear a face covering that completely covers the nose and mouth. All masks must be appropriate for school and within the guidelines of our dress code policy.

  1. Cohort Groups A/B- As Mr. Case mentioned, reopening our schools with this model allows for 50% of our students to be in school at one time. 50% of our students would attend school on a given day and 50% learn remotely. This has been achieved by creating two cohorts of students. The High School cohorts are generally set in alphabetical order, but with variations based on students’ courses. We are also working to ensure the placement of siblings in the same cohort. A specific email has been sent to all parents/guardians to inform you of your student’s group. Most Wednesday’s, with the exceptions noted in the link below, would be a remote learning day where teachers would work with students as a class, individually or in small groups virtually. This is also a day where a deep cleaning of the school would occur. Students' daily schedule and further information can be found here. 

  1. Remote Learners: Canton High School students have the option to choose full-time distance learning. It is essential that students are able to remain engaged in their education and adhering to the same standards as their peers. To that end, students in this model will maintain their CHS schedules, and remain active participants in each of their classes through digital methods. Students will be required to follow the same traditional bell schedule as their peers, engaging in Google Meets, class activities, and other online platforms indicated by their teachers. They will additionally log into the class check-ins on Wednesdays with the rest of their classmates. When peers are in the physical building two days a week, remote learners will continue with online assignments and be provided with additional instructional materials from their teachers.

  1. Late arrival and early departure from school: Traditionally, the opportunity to arrive late and leave early has been a senior privilege. This year, we will extend this opportunity to grade 11 students. This would be open to students who have periods 1, 2, 7, or 8 open. The rationale for extending this privilege is it would naturally support the concept of staggering start times for students. To reduce the number of students in the building, we encourage eligible 11th and 12th grades to take advantage of either leaving early or arriving late as their schedule allows. Please return this FORM to gain approval for this privilege.

  1. Student schedules - . The Power School website portal is open for students to review their finalized schedules. If you have any questions about your schedule, please feel free to contact the School Counseling office at 860-693-7711 directly, or by entering extension 7031 if calling the high school. 

  1. Class transitions/ Mask Breaks -To reduce congestion and increase spacing in the hallways, the allotted passing time will be doubled from five minutes to ten minutes. This time will be staggered to afford smaller populations in the hall. Specific time will be given for students to have mask breaks as well. 

  1. Restrooms - Multi-person restrooms will be limited to no more than three students at a time. Students will still have access to the single restrooms that are available, as usual.

In addition to the information above, several school procedures need to be adjusted based on COVID-19 protocols. Please read the links below: 

The CHS monthly hybrid schedule 

Arrival / departure/ visitor procedures

Lunch procedures

I will continue to send out updates and pertinent information to you as necessary. Again, we look forward to connecting with you in person very soon.

Be well,

Drew DiPippo, CHS Principal