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9/3/2020 - Lunches AND BREAKFAST Pre-Order Directions Here!

You can use this link to pre-order lunch (and see directions below the link if needed)


Please see important letter and information from the CPS Director of Nutrition Services regarding changes in student lunch procedures due to Covid-19.  Please read as lunches must be pre-ordered, but remain available for everyone, whether in school or distance learning.    For directions on pre-ordering meals, click here.

Note that breakfast is now available!

Thank you,

Drew DiPippo

Canton Public School Parents and Guardians:

I hope this letter finds you well.  As we prepare to re-open Canton Public Schools, the Nutrition Services Department has made a few changes.  For the safety and well being of our students and staff we are implementing a pre-order system.  If you are ordering breakfast or lunch, please go to the district website and under Parents you will see Nutrition Services.  Click and this will bring you to the Nutrition Services page.  Click on menus.  There you will see on each day the menu items, also you will see a box that says either order breakfast or order lunch.  We encourage families to order for the week.

As we begin the school year with a hybrid schedule we will be offering pre-ordered meals for students while they are not in school.  There will be a drive up and pick up your pre-ordered meal site.  This will be held in the front of Canton High School Students who will not be in school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be able to pick up their pre-ordered meals between 9:00am – 9:30am on Mondays.  Students who are not in School on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday may receive their pre-ordered meals on Tuesday afternoons to take home with them.

Pre-ordered meals will also be available for families who opt out of in school learning.  Parents may pick up pre-ordered meals for students enrolled in Canton Public Schools on Monday and Thursday mornings between 9:00am – 9:30am in front of Canton High School.

Students at Cherry Brook and Canton Intermediate School will eat in the classroom.  Pre-ordered meals will be delivered to the classroom. A roster system will be used to track purchases.  We encourage parents to use our online payment system.

Students attending Canton Middle School and Canton High School will eat their meals in the cafeteria.  Students will enter the cafeteria social distanced.  They will proceed to the serving line and will be handed their pre-ordered grab and go meal.  The students will continue to the register telling the cashier their pin #.  We will no longer utilize a pin pad.  Students will then proceed to their social distanced seats.  There will be no cash transactions at the register.  We still accept checks, but they will be entered into the student accounts later in the day.

*At this time breakfast is unavailable *

The cost of meals are as follows:

Cherry Brook and Canton Intermediate Schools

Breakfast –         Reduced $.30    Full Pay $1.50

Lunch -                 Reduced $.40      Full Pay $3.25

Canton Middle and Canton High Schools

Breakfast -          Reduced $.30     Full Pay $2.00

Lunch -                 Reduced $.40     Full Pay $3.50



Margaret Dreher

Director of Nutrition Services