District News

2/26/2020 - SNHS Students volunteer at CBPS I Wonder Night

On Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 5:00 pm at CBPS, 16 SNHS students volunteered at the newly named I Wonder Night whose overarching theme this year was giving back to the community.  Students and SNHS volunteers were distributed between the gym and the library.

The gym was the location of the students’ poster boards and projects centered around this year’s theme.  Students had feedback/compliment sheets for viewers to fill out. SNHS members circulated around the gym, interacting with students and asking questions, mainly focused on how the project related to the overarching theme of giving back to their community.

The Learning Commons featured a variety of special activities for the kids to enjoy run by SNHS volunteers. There were 3-D printing pens, magnetized building blocks and 3 dash-and-dot robots that were remotely controlled by an iPad. The high school robotics team brought their robot and allowed the children to drive it and ask questions.