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9/30/2015 - Chemistry Students are Using Science to Make a Difference

Chemistry Students are using Science to Make a Difference Around the School


Students in Mrs. Hagymasi’s Conceptual Chemistry class are working hard on environmental science projects around the school. The projects are inspired by the Lexus Eco Challenge. The student teams chose an environmental topic that impacts our community. They must also implement an action plan and report on the results.


Keep an eye out for the following projects:


Litter surrounding Mills Pond can and will affect the wildlife and biodiversity.

Kyle Dillon, Tasja Bell, and others are working hard on a plan to educate people to stop littering around Mills Pond.


Please Recycle Water Bottles at Sporting Events and on our Sports Fields!


Rachel Falzone, Matt Walzak, Amaria Yancey, Buck Mather, and Sam Jenkins are working hard to have recycling bins available at sporting events. They have found that water bottles are being thrown out in the trash cans or left on the field after games. Keep an eye out for the recycling bins and make every effort you can to recycle!


What happened to the Ecosystem around our school since the track was built?

Paige Gnazzo, Jacob Allen, Gabe Nemeth, and Steven Cameron are working hard to improve the ecosystem that was changed when the new track and parking lot were built.  With less trees, more sun, and new plants, how can we ensure that the ecosystem thrives?  


Too Many Recyclables are being Thrown Out in Trash Cans Throughout our School!  

Dan Hollis, Braedon Bean, Katie Jarka, Kristie LaBrecque, and Anthony Magro are working hard to improve recycling in our classrooms.


The students are designing their experiments with the hope that the projects will have lasting effects!  With community help and support, the students are confident that these projects can and will have an impact!