District News

1/22/2020 - Food Drive is a Success!
Mrs Aitchison's 23rd annual food drive was a success.
The food drive was run in all math classes from January 10 to Jan 16. Over $1000 and many boxes of food were donated. It will all be delivered to the Canton Food Bank on Thursday Jan 23.  A huge thanks to all who took part. Each non perishable item brought in was awarded a point with those items on the most needed list being awarded two points. The classes with exemplary donations (rated as a high percentage of participation or over a 10 point average per person) are:

  • Ms Holian's Period 2 Geometry with 12.26 per person average and 86% participation
  • Mr Aureli's Period 7 Honors Algebra 2 and his period 4 Algebra 2 both with 100% participation
  • Mrs Forastiere's period 4 Honors Calculus with 80% participation, her period 6  Precalc with 10.5 per person average and 93% participation, her period 8 AP Calc with an average of 17 per person and 100% participation, and her period 7 Honors Precalc with an average of 33.1 per person and 86% participation
  • Mrs Aitchison's period 2 AP Stats with an average of 14.94 and 82% participation, her period 7 AP Stats with an average of 17.5 and 94% participation and her period 5 Honors Geometry with an average of 48.3 per person and 94% participation.