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11/4/2019 - Mrs. Stifel's Ceramics classes 'paint with smoke'

Mrs. Stifel’s Ceramics classes had the opportunity to create a unique finishing technique with local ceramic artist and Canton resident Deb Altschwager.

Deb is the owner of Gildersleeve Pottery Studio in Canton and she enjoys coming to CHS to work with the students to “paint with smoke” on their .  Día de Muertos skull rattles. These were constructed over the last few weeks and added elements to showcase their creativity and make their skill original. Then they spent days burnishing the surface to align the clay particles resulting in an ultra smooth surface. Students eyes lit up (no pun intended) when they saw the process that involves selective burying of their skull in sawdust and lighting the sawdust on fire which resulted in pink, blue, and grey weathered veins along their piece. Students were fully engaged throughout this process and they were disappointed that they would not be able to continue with this technique the following class period. Today will be an art day that they will likely remember for years to come.

For video of work... check this out!