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9/23/2019 - Attention Senior Parents!


Dear Seniors and Senior Parent/Guardians, 

The Canton High School Yearbook Staff would like to inform you of some important deadlines for seniors concerning the yearbook. There are two very important sections to read in this letter: 

1. Senior ½ Page Information for the Yearbook 

2. Baby Ads for Grads – childhood picture information

Senior ½ Page for the Yearbook – ALL Material Due December 13, 2019 

Each graduating senior is allotted  a ½ page in the yearbook. This space allows for the following. 

  1. Senior Portrait

  2. 3 candid shots - These can be of the senior, group photos, etc. NO COLLAGES will be accepted.

  3. 250 characters of text (including spaces/punctuation for quote and/or farewell message.) 

Please take the following guidelines into consideration when choosing your Senior Portrait to submit: 

1. No selfies will be accepted or photos that are screen shots.

2. There should be no other person beyond the senior in the image.

3. The photo of choice complies with the school dress code.  

4. The photo must be in the “portrait” orientation (vertical photo) (photographers will understand). Absolutely NO “landscape” (horizontal) photos will be accepted.  

5. Submitted File size must be under 15MB for the program to accept.

The CHS yearbook staff has the right to deny photos that do not meet the above criteria. To ensure complete coverage in the Yearbook, please note the yearbook staff will default to the senior’s last photo taken on school picture day we have on record if you miss the deadline above. Please check your Cantonschools.org email regarding any issues with your submitted photos or further requests for submissions.

If a student wishes to be excluded from the yearbook, he/she must submit a written request signed by a parent/guardian to the yearbook staff by December 13, 2019.

Senior ½ page materials will only be accepted by submitting them to Mrs. Hartley, yearbook advisor, at khartley@cantonschools.org , to submit your material follow these steps:  

  1. IMPORTANT: LABEL your submitted photos as portrait and candid for proper placement on your 1/2 page before you attach them to the email.  (For example: Brown,Katie Portrait.jpg and Brown,Katie Candid 1.jpg)

  2. Type your 250 characters of text in the body of your email (Remember this is including spaces/punctuation for a quote and/or farewell message.) Submissions over 250 characters will be edited by yearbook staff to fit the space provided. 

  3. BE AWARE: Your candid photos and text will be reviewed by the CHS Yearbook staff and Administration to ensure they are school appropriate and confer to CHS Student handbook expectations. Inappropriate content WILL NOT be printed.

Material received after the December 13, 2019  deadline will not be guaranteed a place in the yearbook.

Baby Ads for Grads  – Due November 15, 2019 

Each year we offer parents and guardians (or grandparents, siblings, etc.) the opportunity to purchase a baby picture ad.  Baby pictures, along with a message of your choice, are placed in a special section of the yearbook.  This is a way to offer congratulations and reflect about how far your student has come. If you’re interested in this opportunity, please assemble the following:


-                a check payable to Canton High School for $50 (or cash) 

-                a baby picture of your senior 

The staff will do their best to ensure the photos are handled and returned with care; however, we STRONGLY encourage contributors not to donate original, rare, or irreplaceable photographs. Digital copies are preferred. We cannot provide compensation in the event the photos are damaged, lost, or stolen. Photographs will be available for pick-up at the end of the school year once the yearbook goes to print. Please write the name of your student on the back of any hardcopy submitted 

-                 a message of 25 words or less

-                if sending by email, please send the message and photo as an ATTACHMENT  to:

khartley@cantonschools.org  and mail/deliver payment- Please note: if payment is not   

   received to cover the cost of printing, your emailed ad will not appear in the book.


Mail or deliver by Nov. 15 to:       

Canton High School

c/o Kerry Hartley

76 Simonds Avenue

Canton, CT 06019


Kerry Hartley, Yearbook Advisor

2019 Yearbook Staff Members