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8/15/2019 - Back to School Letter to Students and Parents

August 9, 2019

Dear Canton Families:  

I hope this letter reaches you as you are enjoying some final summer days relaxing with family and friends. On behalf of the entire school community, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all students and families as we embark on the 2019-2020 school year. As I have said on several occasions, I believe Canton High School is a special place where students have tremendous opportunities to extend themselves and we look forward to an outstanding year. It is with great pride and anticipation that we begin a new year as we welcome its many new members.

Each new year inevitably brings some change.  This year the most notable change is who is filling in our Assistant Principal role.   Eric Verner has served the school community for the last six years is moving on to a Principal position at East Hampton High School. It is no surprise as has been an outstanding administrator, colleague,and support to the entire school community. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.  Dr. Ruth Kidwell, formerly English Department Chair for grades 7 through 12, has stepped into the role and will serve as interim Assistant Principal. We are fortunate to have proven leader whose knowledge and experiences at Canton High School will help guide a seamless transition.  Dr. Kidwell has worked hard throughout the summer and looks forward to supporting students in her new capacity. 

As your student(s) prepare for Canton High School fall athletic season to begin, we wanted to remind you that we have a new on-line registration system that is required for athlete registration for all CHS sports!  CHS will no longer be using the paper form packets to register for sports, including required payments.  In order to set up your student(s) accounts, please refer to this Getting Started Guide.  You should also view this informational letter to find out more about the online registration system.  Note that Middle School and Unified Sports athletes will still be using the paper packets.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Athletic Director, Kim Church at kchurch@cantonschools.org.  

Albeit very minor changes, we have tweaked our bell schedule.  The most notable change is that we will be having CHAT (our advisory period) on Monday instead of Tuesday.  Also, for the first three days of school we will have a modified schedule. On the first day of school, which is  Wednesday, August 28th, all 8 periods will meet. On Thursday and Friday we will run on a ‘CHAT Schedule’ in order to distribute packets that both parents and students must return by September 16th, and to hold class meetings. Please view our Weekly Calendar for schedules throughout the year. 

Over the past six years, it has been an honor to be the principal of Canton High School. It is an absolute privilege to be part of a community where teachers, students and families prioritize both academic and social growth for all students. I look forward to reacclimating with you in the near future and am especially eager to continue my learning alongside our students and staff. Until then, I hope you fully enjoy the remaining weeks of summer.

Sincere regards,  

Drew DiPippo, CHS Principal

In preparation for the first day of school, Wednesday, August 28, I have listed some important information below.

Drop Off Procedure

The drop off procedure for the inevitable ‘forgotten items’ has not changed, and as a reminder, all items to be left for students can be placed on the table outside of the office.  Labels are available for clear identification. The only exception to this would be if you are dropping off something valuable, such as a Chromebook. Those items should be dropped off in the main office.

Parent Newsletter/CHS Website: www.cantonschools.org/chs

During the school year, we take great pride in keeping families informed of important events and happenings through our website and weekly newsletter emails which are typically sent on Friday afternoon.  The newsletter will give upcoming events and important information, as well as highlight and celebrate school events that frequently link back to our website. Our website will also prove to be a valuable resource not only for the most current calendar of activities and events and school news, but includes an abundance of information such as:

  • Teacher and school contact information and website links

  • Clubs  and School Organizations

  • Bus Routes

  • Bell Schedule (revised this year)

  • Program of Studies

  • Handbooks, Policy Information, forms, and other resources

  • Athletic Information

  • Department Information

  • Powerschool Login information and grading portal access (in order to obtain student schedules when they are available)

  • School Counseling, Music, Athletics information

  • And much more!


Please visit the website often to stay current.

New Staff/Changes

  • Cecile Mancini has rejoined us as a Math Teacher, replacing Jack Ford.

  • Brandon Richard has rejoined our team as Technology Education Teacher, replacing Tom James.

  • Ms. Olivia Stivala will be joining us as a .6 English Teacher, taking on Dr. Kidwell’s courses.

  • Pam Keagan, veteran Library Media Specialist (LMS) from Cherry Brook Primary School, has postponed her retirement to step in as LMS while Katie Mattioli is on maternity leave. 

  • There will be a long-term substitute to fill in for Julie Monico while she is out on maternity leave through Thanksgiving.

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, August 21st; 9:30 to noon - 9th grade orientation followed by lunch.  Please have Chromebook paperwork completed, as they will be deployed on this day for those that return the required documents.  

  • Wednesday, August 28th; 7:35 am - First Day of School

  • Monday, September 2nd - No school; Labor Day

  • Friday, September 6th; 7:30 to 11 am - Picture Day

  • Thursday, September 12th; 6:30 pm - CHS Open House/Curriculum Night

  • Monday, September 16th - All paperwork due back to CHAT teacher.

9th Grade Orientation Program:  Wednesday, August 21; 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

On Wednesday, August 21st from 9:30 am – 12:00 noon, there will be an orientation program sponsored by the Student Council for incoming 9th grade students.   The day will include:

  • Panel discussion

  • Introductory activities

  • Schedules/lockers and school tour

  • Messages from School Counsels, Class Advisors, Athletic Director, and Administration

  • Orientation on Chromebooks; bring completed forms signed by parent and student!

  • Assignment agendas will be sold for $10 (recommended)


Students will also have an opportunity to hear from current Student Council members and other student leaders, about their freshman year experience, speak with teachers, locate their locker, and tour the school.  There will also be a lunch outside after the event.

While we hope that most incoming students will attend the orientation program, it is understandable that a few may have extenuating circumstances that will prevent their attendance.  In that case, you will be able to view any disseminated information on our website. In addition, students can come by the main office between the hours of 10 am and noon on August 22nd, 23rd, or 26th to pick up their Chromebook.  Please note that signed paperwork is required. 


Chromebooks are intended for use at school each day. In addition to teacher expectations for Chromebook use, school messages, announcements, calendars, and schedules may be accessed using the Chromebook.  Students must be responsible to bring their Chromebook to all classes, unless specifically instructed not to do so by their teacher.


While using Chromebooks, students should keep in mind the following:

  • Help the District protect our computer system/devices by contacting any staff member about any security problems that they may encounter

  • Always secure their Chromebook after they are done working to protect their work information and the device

  • Activity on Chromebooks will be monitored.

  • Immediately notify an adult if he/she receives any inappropriate digital content.


Students who graduate early, withdraw, or terminate enrollment for any other reason, must return their individual school Chromebook on the date of termination.  Chromebook Insurance forms can be viewed and printed from here.  

Chromebook deployment for Incoming 9th Graders:

Upon completion of the Orientation program on the 21st, and with completed Chromebook forms signed by both parent and student , students will be given their chromebooks to take home. Insurance for the Chromebook is available for purchase for $75 to cover damages for the life of the Chromebook and with checks made out to Canton Public Schools. While purchasing insurance for the Chromebook is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged.   In the event insurance is not purchased, please note that any damages to the Chromebook will be an out-of-pocket cost to you. One to One Program Policy


Open House/Curriculum Night, Thursday, September 12th

We will begin in the auditorium with some general remarks, followed by an opportunity to meet each of your teenager’s teachers.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about the curriculum and expectations for each course. Please be sure to bring a copy of your student’s schedule, as we will be following a modified bell schedule.

Important Information To Be Returned

As we continue to be mindful of the environment, most important documents have been added to our website for your review and use as necessary. However, documents which require a signature of both parents and students will be given to your student in CHAT, the advisory period, during the first week of school.  These forms need to be returned to your student’s CHAT teacher or to Donna Miscikoski in the CHS office no later than Monday, September 16th.  Please be on the lookout for this white envelope which contains the following documents to be returned:

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Student/Parent Agreement Form – this form will also be given to students during the first week of school during CHAT and must be signed and returned by each parent and student..

Students and parents who bring their own technology devices to school for use in our classrooms or personal use  must adhere to the Student/Parent Bring Your Own Device Agreement as well as all Board policies, particularly the Regulation for Acceptable Use of Technology described above.  Students will be able to use their own laptops, tablets, smartphones and other portable computers in the classrooms and common areas. Teachers/staff will still have control over the timing and specific uses, but students will have the freedom to use their own portable devices for educational purposes.  Please note that students who are not able to bring in their own device will be able to utilize our school equipment.  No student will be excluded from innovative instruction.   

Bus Routes

Please check the district’s website (www.cantonschools.org) for bus numbers and routes.  Bus schedules are also posted throughout the building.  Please also read the District’s Bus Transportation and Policy Information.

 Lockers & Combinations

Students will be assigned lockers as well as combinations to their built-in locks.  This information will appear on the student’s schedule. Because we want to keep these lockers in pristine condition for years to come, NO WRITING and NO TAPE will be allowed inside or outside the lockers.


Guidance Counselor Distribution Chart 

Grade 9             D. Schwager                     A - B plus Dakin

                           J. Theodoratos                C - McDonald

                           M. Furey                           McGoldrick - Z


Grade 10           D. Schwager                     A – Blumenfeld

                           J. Theodoratos                Boehm - J                                                                                       M. Furey                     K - Z


Grade 11            D. Schwager                     A –B plus Carlson, Carucci,

                                                                              Cavanaugh, Connolly

                            J. Theodoratos                C – Mackin plus Mates, Mattson

                            M. Furey                           Mankowski - Z

Grade 12            D. Schwager                     A - B

                            J. Theodoratos                C - Mason

                            M. Furey                           McCann - Z


Students with questions about schedules should contact their school counselor at 693-7711 to make an appointment. No changes will be made via email.  School counselors will be available beginning August 20th. Any requests for changes in schedule must be approved and completed within the first ten school days (9/13). No new classes will be added after September 14th.

Grading Portal

The Grading Portal will open the week of August 20th  for parents and students.  From this site, you can view your student’s schedule, attendance and performance in classes at any time. We will continue the practice of sending report cards home via the PowerSchool Grading Portal. If you forget or need to reset your password, you can email the school’s main office personnel who can reset your password as this can not be completed over the phone.  Office staff can be reached at the following email addresses:

Parking Fees

There is a $100 parking fee for those students who wish to drive their cars to school.  Monies raised from the fees will be put in a capital improvement fund. Typically included in this fund are such items as improvements to the facility, including athletic fields, and technology.  Decisions about how to spend the monies will be made by the BOE.  


Students who will be parking in the CHS lot at the beginning of the year should purchase their parking permit by September 9th to purchase a parking permit in the main office.   Checks should be made payable to Canton High School. Students who will begin to park in the lot throughout the year may purchase the permit at that time and as spaces are available.   Note that students must park in the lower lot as the upper lot is restricted to faculty and staff.   Students must adhere to all parking guidelines or be subject to stated consequence in parking application.  Regulations for parking can be found in the student handbook and the parking application can be found on the CHS website under School Policy and Procedures/Important forms then click on Student Parking Application.  


Canton High School Plan Book/Agenda

Students can start the new school year off right and be organized from the first day of school.  Freshmen may purchase a plan book at orientation on August 21st and all students can purchase a plan book in the main office during the first week of school for $10.00.  There is a limited number of plan books so please purchase while supplies last.    


Phone Numbers & Voice Mail

In an effort to better serve you; please use these numbers when calling the school.

                                             Phone                      Fax

         High School Office  693-7707                 693-7812                

         School Counseling   693-7711                 693-5855                

         Nurse’s Office:        693-7201                 693-5837

         Athletic Office:        693-7713                 693-7812

         Middle School         693-7712                 693-5844


The main office is open from 6:30 am – 4:00 pm.  After hours, you can leave a message on the school’s voice mail.


CHS now has an online registration system that is required for athlete registration for all CHS sports. This Getting Started Guide and set up information should help you sign your student up for athletics.

10th Grade Physicals Are Required

All 10th graders are required by state law to have a physical completed prior to the first day of school; fall athletes are required to have a physical completed prior to the first day of practice. Parents were notified in the spring of this mandate through our weekly newsletters. 

If your teen is unable to have a physical done prior to the start of school, please email Diane Sodaro, school nurse, at dsodaro@cantonschools.org informing her of the date the physical will be completed.  If you have any questions, please contact Diane.

Policy Changes

The Board of Education has modified several policies this year.  For all policies, please see the district website.