District News

6/7/2019 - This week in Art!
This past week students in Mrs. Stifel's Ceramics 1 class participated in an alternative firing/finishing technique with local ceramic artist Deb Altschwager of Gildersleeve Pottery Studio. Students had an opportunity to see how science and art intermingle when burying their ceramic skulls in a pile of sawdust and lighting the wood chips on fire. Where the ceramic piece was exposed to the flame there was a surface reaction that brought out the carbon and other elements to be altered on the surface. This experience is something students look forward to all semester and one they will remember long after high school. Click on the link to see results and photos (attached below)

Wednesday evening just before the choral concert we celebrated all the fantastic student artists of Canton High School with a annual art show closing  reception. Students from Mrs. Stifel's class each chose one or more works to put on display. Because students had an opportunity to chose the work to display and many also participated in hanging the show the display was student driven. Seniors also had an opportunity to curate and hang their own personal display of work in the Senior Showcase portion of the show. Mrs Stifel said, "This was a wonderful way to show all the hard work that students have put into using their creative voice and I can not be more proud of my students."